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Irrigation & Night Lighting

Irrigation for Optimum Plant Health

After designing and planting your landscape, the most important step is maintaining the health of your plants. Proper watering practices are needed in order for your plants not only to survive, but also to thrive.

Garden and lawn irrigation plays an essential role in order to maintain a flourishing garden as the seasons change. With this in mind, automatic watering systems are a cost effective and resourceful tool for the supplemental watering needs of your lawn and garden.

As diverse plant groups urge different water requirements, the method in which water is delivered may vary. Stop by Kent Greenhouse & Garden and our licensed and certified Irrigation Associates will break down the differences and benefits of each type of water delivery system. Contact us today to design an irrigation system that matches your plants’ watering needs to achieve, and maintain, premium conditions for your lawn, trees and garden!

Night Lighting for Added Ambiance

Why let the cover of darkness conceal your beautiful lawn or garden? Night lighting reveals the extraordinary beauty of your landscape and allows you to enjoy your creation even after the sun goes down!

Up-lit trees, soft floods glowing off of walls and down-lit paths are only a few of the unlimited, night lighting designs we can help you create for that extra touch of added ambiance to your natural surroundings.

Contact us today and let our licensed staff guide you through the various options of lighting fixtures and learn how lighting solutions can be zoned and controlled to best achieve subtle, yet ambient lighting.