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Landscape Design

Kent Greenhouse & Gardens’ experienced team of landscape architects, landscape contractors and landscape designers develop and install innovative landscape designs that are backed by sound construction principles.

Our guiding design aesthetic could be described as “Country Formal”, although our capacities range from historical to more contemporary landscape settings. Our landscape professionals integrate client ideas and design direction while working within the realities of each site.

The main objective of our landscaping team is to enhance the inherent beauty of an existing parcel, or in some cases, completely transform the landscape to increase visual and curb appeal. Of course, this can only be achieved through our landscape professionals, who are disciplined in horticulture, masonry, carpentry and excavation. This, in turn, translates to landscape designs that are holistic and thoughtfully integrated into your existing surroundings.

With over 40 years of expertise sourcing and purchasing local plants in an assortment of varieties and quantities from growers, who share our high standards of horticultural excellence, we aim to bring you only the best in landscape design.

Contact Kent Greenhouse & Gardens today and let our seasoned landscape professionals bring your design visions into full bloom!