Sunset behind a modern structure with rays peeking through, highlighting vibrant purple and pink flowers in the foreground. Nature and architecture juxtaposed in harmony.
A series of white hanging flower pots adorned with red, orange, and yellow blooms arranged in a greenhouse with slanted translucent roofing panels above.

Does Your Garden Feel Like It’s Missing Something?

Vibrant clusters of red, white, and pink flowers in pots arranged neatly in an outdoor nursery setting with lush green foliage in the background.
One person gestures pointedly while speaking outside, another person looks on thoughtfully amidst a backdrop of lush green trees on a sunny day.
Aerial view of a formal garden with neatly arranged flowerbeds, topiaries, and pathways, alongside outdoor furniture and a sculpture, showcasing vibrant plant colors and textures.
Two people are at a festive market; one smiles behind a counter, the other works on a wreath. Holiday decorations and a payment terminal are visible.
A tranquil sunset over rolling hills, viewed from a lush garden adorned with colorful flowers and shrubs, under a softly gradient sky.
A vibrant garden with pink and purple petunias interspersed with white flowers, surrounded by green shrubbery, showcasing lush and colorful plant growth.
A very light image featuring a large blooming hydrangea bush in the foreground with a faded mountainous landscape and soft sky gradient in the background.
30 South Main Street
Kent, CT 06757
A vibrant garden with lush foliage and colorful hanging flower baskets on wooden poles, bathed in sunlight, showcasing a variety of plant life.