A lush garden setting with a wooden pergola, dining furniture underneath, hanging blue lanterns, a swimming pool in the background, and greenery all around.
A luxurious backyard with an in-ground pool, trimmed lawn, patio furniture, and large umbrellas adjacent to a house with a wooded backdrop.
Aerial view of a backyard area with a large, square swimming pool surrounded by loungers, a neat patio, greenery, and part of a house.
Two people are outdoors; one is reviewing plans on a stone wall while the other observes. They are surrounded by trees, boulders, and garden equipment.
An upscale backyard with a swimming pool, patio, outdoor kitchen, dining area, lounge chairs, vibrant flowers, and lush greenery in a serene setting.
A very light image featuring a large blooming hydrangea bush in the foreground with a faded mountainous landscape and soft sky gradient in the background.
Three people are seated outdoors around a lit fireplace, talking and enjoying each other's company in a cozy, casual backyard setting.
Kent Greenhouse & Gardens
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