Property Care

Kent Greenhouse & Gardens Can Assist You with a Variety of Landscaping Services

Professional Property Care & Lawn Care Services for Kent, CT & the Surrounding Areas

Whether you are looking for lawn mowing services, garden maintenance such as mulching or planting, shrub pruning, lawn fertilization, or any other of our landscaping services, when you work with Kent Greenhouse & Gardens, you can be sure that you will receive the personalized care and attention you deserve. Your property is our focus before we begin and long after we finish your project. As part of our landscaping services, our personal property care manager will get to know every detail of your landscape, allowing our crews an intimate guide to help your landscape or garden reach its potential. Serving property owners in Litchfield County, CT and Dutchess County, NY including Millerton, NY, Washington, CT, Sharon, CT, and the surrounding communities, our team of licensed landscape designers and certified horticulturists are available to you, not as an add on or an extra charge, but as part of our comprehensive landscape maintenance and property care packages.

Offering routine lawn care services as well as the installation and maintenance of new landscape design elements, we encourage our clients to be involved to any degree that suits their style and time. Whether you would like to have weekly face-to-face meetings on-site or prefer to meet at assigned intervals that fit your schedule, with Kent Greenhouse & Gardens, you’ll enjoy the relief of working with professionals who actually become your local landscape partners. Our experienced team will work hard to help you maintain and enhance your garden, backyard, or poolside patio design so that you can enjoy having a consistently healthy and beautiful property.

Providing a wide array of landscaping services designed to fit every season, it’s our goal to maintain your property effectively and minimize your stress regarding the care and upkeep of your landscape design. For simple, ongoing, and convenient property maintenance and lawn care services tailored to meet your needs, contact us today. Based in Kent, CT, our team is proud to serve those across Sharon, CT; Salisbury, CT; Washington, CT; Roxbury, CT; Cornwall, CT; Goshen, CT; and Millerton, NY. 

The Right Irrigation System Will Assure Your Lawn is Happy and Healthy, Lush and Green!

Kent Greenhouse & Gardens has helped homeowners create and maintain fabulous lawns by installing lawn irrigation systems that precisely match the unique conditions of each property. Climate, soil, terrain, types of shrubs, trees and plants must all be considered when selecting the proper irrigation system for your property. Proper watering care involves much more than a hose or portable rotating sprinkler. Does your lawn have brown spots? Is it losing its lush “golf course” look? Often the focus is on fertilizers, treatments, seeding and pesticides when in fact, watering could be one of the primary causes of poor lawn conditions. The obvious benefit of watering your lawn properly, assures its lasting beauty and vitality.

Our team of irrigation specialists evaluates, installs and maintains just the right system. We install only the top brands for durability and reliability. Purposefully designed and managed, it’s efficient distribution of water maintains your property while being attentive to conservation and environmental codes. An irrigation system can bring significant benefits in light of the investment you’ve made in landscaping features and lawn care. Kent Greenhouse & Gardens offers years of irrigation service expertise to property owners throughout Kent, CT. We work with every facet of an irrigation system. from design, planning, permitting and installation, all built on a long history of Total Convenience and Customer Care.

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All-Inclusive Property Care Packages

The KG&G Difference

What Is Property Care?

For decades, Kent Greenhouse & Gardens has proudly been your provider of choice for a variety of garden maintenance services, including irrigation services, landscape design, and more. Time and time again, we'd scramble to find a reputable company to assist with other aspects of property care for our clients. We heard when you asked to have all these landscaping services managed by just one company. And we're pleased to say we're here to answer that call! While our garden center still offers the same garden maintenance services we have in the past, we now also have a full menu of property care services. This new focus allows us to customize the ideal care package for your property, whether you live in Kent, Salisbury, Goshen, Cornwall, Washington, CT, or the surrounding communities!


Your Personal Property Care Manager

When you work with Kent Greenhouse & Gardens, our team will work with you to create a custom property care plan that will be overseen by a dedicated Personal Property Care Manager. Your Personal Property Care Manager will keep you up to date on going-ons around your property. No matter what your landscape maintenance needs may be, they will keep you informed and provide timely solutions to any issues that may arise.


A Partnership Made in Landscaping Heaven

Kent Greenhouse & Gardens is excited to announce that we've recently partnered with Hoffman Landscapes of Wilton, CT! With over 30 years of experience honing their Total Approach to property maintenance, Hoffman Landscapes is the premier property care firm in Fairfield County. The philosophy behind the Hoffman Total Approach is for clients to make just ONE call to ONE provider who can handle ALL facets of their property's care.


As we move forward in this new chapter, this partnership has empowered us to extend our property care and landscape maintenance services to assist clients throughout Fairfield and Westchester County including Millerton, NY; Sharon, CT; Roxbury, CT; Kent, CT; and beyond. For more information or to discuss your property care needs, contact us today!